Upcoming Fitness Vacations

Majestic Vancouver | June 13th- 18th, 2023

Michele Grignon

Enjoy all the fun, activities, and relaxation that Vancouver has to offer! You’ll eat delicious, healthy food, explore the culture and beautiful city, go on some active excursions, and maybe even toast yourself with a cocktail, all while staying on track with your fitness program. Whether you’ve just started your fitness training or have been at it for years, you can tailor your Fitcation to your specific needs — all levels welcome!

It’s the destination vacation you deserve, without the guilt.


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Slovenia, The Hidden Gem of Central Europe | September 10th-17th, 2023

Located just a short drive from Venice, Slovenia is known for it’s gorgeous mountains, crystal clear lakes, and unreal cave systems! It is truly the hidden gem of central Europe. This location being very near and dear to my heart, a place my grandmother was born and where I still have family today. I could not imagine a better, more beautiful place for others to join me with family and friends and really get the local experience.

Slovenia has so much beauty, history, and a gorgeous coastline that you won’t want to miss. You of course cannot skip out on the sladoled (ice cream), it was the first word I learned in Slovenian.


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