Always striving, even after arriving, Destination Fitcations is your ticket to a specialized, all-inclusive luxury vacation.

We travel Planet Earth.

We want you to find yourself in the world, not just on it.

And that only happens when you explore the environment surrounding your destination, approaching every day as an adventure.

Destination Fitcations is building a community as close-knit as home and as far-reaching as the destinations we visit.

We create in-person gatherings with international flair, combining cultural exposure with athletic exploration for a sensory experience.

When you integrate food, fun, and fitness into a shared international voyage, it turns new friends into family.

Hi, I’m Gabi, your Fitcation guide.

I love to travel, and I love fitness!

I am a graduate of Arizona State University, having studied Exercise & Wellness. I am NASM certified, Stretch to Win FST certified, and PMA Pilates certified. While in college I interned with a former bodybuilder and from 2010-2012 I worked at a women’s gym until I opened up my own gym in 2012: Health Body Works in Tempe, Arizona. Then I purchased Pilates Tempe and merged the two businesses together.

I have traveled all over the world, from Australia and New Zealand to Europe (including my family roots in Slovenia and Croatia), to Asia, and to Hawai’i. I love traveling and I love fitness, which is why I created these Destination Fitcations.

After visiting Costa Rica for my 30th birthday, I knew this wonderful place with such a beautiful landscape, some of the best beaches and ocean in the world, and so many things to do would be the perfect place to relax while staying fit and having fun.

What is a Fitcation?

A Fitcation is an all-inclusive destination vacation that includes a little bit of working out. It also includes healthy — and delicious — meals and active outings. You’ll enjoy an energizing breakfast after a great night’s rest, followed by a light workout. Then, we do lunch and head out for a fun, active tour that may include walking, hiking, or even paddle boarding. All activities are at your own pace and everything is optional — you design your own Fitcation!

Fitcation Meals

Okay, yes! There will be alcohol! And the food is delicious. It won’t just be a bunch of lettuce and broccoli. Your food is designed and prepared by the executive chefs at the resort or by your host, created to deliver both local, exquisite flavor and the nutrition you need to stay on track with your health and wellness goals. You’ll stay healthy and may even learn new recipes!

Fitcation Activities

Each day is filled with fitness activities designed to help you stay on track with your fitness program. This is not a weight-loss boot camp, but you’ll get to the end of your vacation without guilt and without feeling like you set your training program back a couple of weeks.

Here are some of the activities you can expect to enjoy:

  1. Hiking
  2. Walking
  3. Paddle Boarding
  4. Yoga
  5. Stretching
  6. And more!

Fitcation Accommodations

A good vacation includes luxury and relaxation, and you’ll get plenty of that at our Destination 5-Star resort Fitcations. This is an all-inclusive experience, so you’ll get to relax in a beautiful bedroom, savor the best food, enjoy plenty of rest and relaxation, and even take in some nightlife.

We exist to break free!

We created Destination Fitcations to help our community overcome our vulnerabilities and move past our comfort zones…every time we enter one.

We stretch to get a glimpse into other worlds existing on our own planet.

And we are creating a community built upon meaningful relationships grown from a mutual love of life and celebration of experiences.

We live (and travel) alive!

Now, we’re booking more trips to Costa Rica, New Zealand, Mexico, and even California. Stay tuned!

When I met with Gabi she put me at ease,  she knew just the right training activities that would work for my body, and physical limitations, to get me to my fitness goals. Her balance of knowledge, professionalism and personal interaction creates the perfect environment. I highly recommend Gabi to anyone.

Stacy H.

Gabi has helped me turn my life around and live an overall healthier lifestyle. She helps me a ton when we work out and encourages me to push myself harder. She also helped give me personalized diet plans to help me even outside the gym. She’s fantastic.

Alex C

Gabi is one of those very rare ‘gems’ that one meets in your professional life and is “worth her weight in gold” – she is an expert in her field, she tailors solutions as to her clients specific needs, is author on a healthy eating habits cookbook and is just such a nice person to know!!

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Destination Fitcations.

Where the adventure lives up to the anticipation.

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