Destination Fitcations are ready for you when you are ready for them.

When it isn’t enough to settle and you’re ready to rise above, you are ready for a fitcation.

Destination Fitcations

We travel Planet Earth. We want you to find yourself in the world, not just on it. And that only happens when you explore the environment surrounding your destination, approaching every day as an adventure.

Destination Fitcations

About Your Fitcation Guide

Gabrielle Mazar (Gabi) is a certified trainer who has traveled the world over. Her unique combination of fitness training, world travel, and teaching enables her to deliver a truly unique experience to fitness-minded travelers joining her on these fantastic, active vacations.

Destination Fitcations

Why A Fitness Vacation?

When you book a fitness vacation, every day of your whole trip is planned to help you stay on track with your fitness goals and prevent you from straying too far off your fitness path. In addition, you’ll meet people just like you, stay motivated, enjoy new experiences, and discover new passions with new people!

Destination Fitcations is a community as close-knit as home and as far-reaching as the destinations we visit. We create in-person gatherings with international flair, combining cultural exposure with athletic exploration for a sensory experience.

When you integrate food, fun, and fitness into a shared international voyage, it turns new friends into family! And you’ll be with a group of like-minded people focused on vacation relaxation while staying healthy.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and into…community.

Destination Fitcations.

Where the adventure lives up to the anticipation.

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Destination Fitcations

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