Frequently Asked Questions

When you book a fitness vacation, every day of your whole trip is planned to help you stay on track with your fitness goals and prevent you from straying too far off your fitness path. In addition, you’ll meet people just like you, stay motivated, enjoy new experiences, and discover new passions with new people!

Is this for super-fit people only?

Absolutely not! All levels are welcome. A fitcation can be a kickstart to your health and fitness journey or an extension of your everyday life.

Is it all-inclusive?

Yes. From the moment you land in-country at the airport, everything is included – including travel from the airport. Once you check-in, you won’t have to worry about paying for anything else while in the resort — meals, drinks, excursions, any of it. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to spend money on additional fun, food at local restaurants, and souvenirs, should you choose to do so.

What will we be doing on the trip?
Your travel Fitcation will be a perfect mix of fun and wellness. Each day includes a healthy (and yummy!) breakfast, a workout, and either an excursion or a day of relaxation — your choice! All activities include some level of physical activity, including walking, hiking, paddle boarding, or a simple add-on workout. Meals will be prepared by expert chefs or by your hosts at the resort and will be designed to be “healthier” and guilt-free, with a touch of vacation indulgence.
Will there be free time?

There will be plenty of free time to relax, enjoy the surrounding area, hang out at the pools, get a massage, go swimming, and do whatever you need to recharge your batteries.

Will there be alcohol?

While the fun focuses on fitness and wellness, a nice cocktail can be fun and still part of a healthy program. So, yes, there is alcohol available in your room, at the resort bar, and in some cases in town

Is this going to be like a weight-loss camp?

No. This is about creating a unique experience that keeps your fitness goals in mind. You’ll still be able to indulge in the luxury of a destination resort, explore, relax, and even enjoy a drink or two if you choose. We add workouts, healthy meals, and active excursions to support your fitness program.

Are flights included?

No, you’ll need to arrange travel to and from the destination location. But we’ll take it from there!

Can I invite a friend?

Of course! We often have couples and friends go together. We even offer special rates for you in that case.

What kinds of other people are going?

People just like you. This isn’t a triathlon training event. This is a vacation for people who want to maintain their fitness program, at whatever level that is.

What kind of workouts will we be doing?

Each day, we’ll do a light workout that might include simple calisthenics, fascial stretch exercises, and yoga instruction. In the afternoons, we’ll go on fun excursions that may include walking, hiking, paddle boarding, and other activities. Every workout allows for you to work out at your pace, at your level.

Will I get to pick the activities I want?

Yes! This is your Fitness Vacation. You will have options daily as to what you want your itinerary to look like. You can choose from our daily workouts, stretches, excursions, hikes, etc., and make this your perfect fitness retreat.

Where else are you planning Fitcations?

We’re in the planning stages for amazing Fitcations to Mexico (Tulum or Cancun), New York, Main, California, and Europe! Stay tuned! Sign up for our email announcements to make sure you get notified when spots become available.

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