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FitMinute Podcast with Gabi Mazar

Gabrielle Mazar, personal fitness trainer, stretch therapist, and owner of Healthy Body Works, shares real world fitness plans for real people. The FitMinute: Fitness for Real People podcast is dedicated to helping people achieve their fitness goals when life tries to get in the way. Learn from the successful journeys of others just like you. Whether you’re working a ton of hours, getting married, having a baby, going to school at night, or whatever else life brings, you need a realistic fitness plan that stays with you and helps you lead a healthy, fit life.

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Coach Georgia Woodbine helps people create the life you love with her book “Total BS: Body & Soul,: and developed the Create the life you love vision planner journal.

Using the power of herbalism, naturopathic herbalist Mayim Vega has helped herself heal and many other individuals with killer diseases.

Master Financial Coach, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author, Karen Ford’s mission is to inspire others to build wealth and break the shackles of debt. 

Ed Daube, Ph.D.,  the emotions doctor, after 32 years working for the California youth authority, used his knowledge to develop the Emotions as a Tool Model.

David Essel developed the Help Americans Heal program as a resource to deal with the stress, uncertainty, isolation and other challenges we are facing.