An Innovative Way to Have Healthier Skin with Dr. Yug Varma

Feb 26, 2024

In this show we discuss an innovative way to have healthier skin. Dr. Varma’s mission is to change the way we treat chronic bacterial diseases and is working tirelessly to achieve this goal with a microbiome-based technology platform. He is passionate about promoting scientific literacy and devotes a significant amount of time to demystifying microbiome research and making the latest research accessible to the general public.
Yug Varma, Ph.D., is the co-founder & CEO of Phyla, the world’s most advanced probiotic acne system. He has 10+ years of microbiome research experience including an extensive background in bio-organic chemistry, microbiology, and synthetic biology. Dr. Varma received his scientific training at several distinguished academic institutions, including Johns Hopkins University (Ph.D.) and the University of California, San Francisco. His scientific work has been published in many prestigious journals, including Nature.
He and his team discovered a probiotic that actually lives on healthy skin and specifically kills the acne-causing bacteria to balance our microbiome. They built Phyla products on this revolutionary breakthrough in skin microbiome research using bio-phages.

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