Gabi Mazar

Not Your Average Personal Trainer


You may think that fitness and eating healthy come easily to me, maybe that I don’t have to try to stay in shape. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Having Hoshimoto’s Thyroiditis makes staying in shape a struggle for me just like anyone else with an autoimmune disease and/or inflammatory condition. Flare ups mean weight gain, fatigue, low energy, brain fog, and more. I have my ups and downs, I like pizza, and I love wine, and DON’T always love to work out. I will tell you that my motivation to stay in shape is those around me.

I have never been a desk job person. Being on my feet, around people, and being active is a part of who I am. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis my passion for health and fitness greatly increased. I know there are people out there that suffer too (maybe not necessarily with my illness) that truly need help and I have and will continue to be the one helping. When you have an autoimmune disease and/or inflammatory condition, working out and diet have to be completely different from those who do not share our struggles. I have first-hand experience at being the best autoimmune personal trainer.

Gabi Mazar

Why am I Qualified to be Your Coach?

An Arizona State University graduate, I received my Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Small Business and Exercise & Wellness. I was a business major for three years before switching my major on a chance that fitness was my future. Luckily, I LOVED IT! I didn’t just get a PT certification in some 3 hour course; I am NASM certified and Stretch to Win FST certified. I also interned for a year with a mentor and friend I greatly respect.

After college I got a job at a gym. I realized that was not for me. I don’t want to pressure you to buy a membership or hassle you to pay a fortune for training that you will never use. I want you to want it. You want to fit into your skinny jeans or that bikini you’re too afraid to put on, or be able to run and play with your children.autoimmune personal trainer

I could have done many other things and could do a lot of other jobs with my degree but I choose to work in an inconsistent field with tons of competition where money isn’t always easy. I stay in this job because I love it. I love what I do, how I help people and change their lives!

It is the most amazing thing to make a difference. The truth is that it is as much for me as it is for those around me.

How do you get lasting results?

It is not about being perfect, because nobody is perfect. It’s about consistency and staying on a program with someone that keeps you coming back and seeing results. You can try any program you want, but until you decide that you are ready for a change you won’t see the results you want. Make the decision. I want to help you get your results!

Who are you?

You are the young woman getting ready for her wedding, the single dad who’s back on the market, the wife and mother who wants to feel sexy again. But what you all have in common is that you are looking to make a change. You are not looking for a quick fix or fad, but a real change. You have tried it all and you are tired of dropping the pounds fast only to gain it all back plus some, you want lasting results.