Enjoy the Sweet Things with the Cookie Bar Queen

Apr 28, 2021

This week, my guest Ashley Burnam and I discuss how she became the Cookie Bar Queen! Are you looking for healthy, or not so healthy treats? She’s got you covered.

Feel good about what you’re eating! The Cookie Bar Queen is dedicated to providing healthy, delicious snacks with less than half the sugar of comparable protein snacks as well as being plant based!

All recipes are fortified with nutrient dense ingredients like pea protein and nutritional yeast. Some also have added organic produce like zucchini and blueberries! These provide a substantial amount of protein and useful carbohydrates without an excess amount of fat or sugar. Every bar is 180 calories or less and ranges from 7g-14g protein depending on which flavor you try. All of our products are considered low sugar and low sodium, making them suitable for diabetics and those with heart disease. They’re recommended as a balanced snack by many health professionals.

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Website | https://www.thecookiebarqueen.com/
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Instagram | @thecookiebarqueen

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