What is a Destination Fitcation?

An All-Inclusive Vacation That’s Worry-Free and Guilt-Free

Do you want to do things as you see all the things your destination has to offer?

Always striving, even after arriving, Destination Fitcations is your ticket to a specialized, all-inclusive luxury vacation. If your idea of relaxation includes a body in motion, a Destination Fitcation is the perfect cure for your wanderlust.

These trips are created for people who live an active life and enjoy an active lifestyle.

When you want to reach further, it’s time to go farther.

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A Destination Fitcation is an all-inclusive destination vacation that includes a little bit of working out. It also includes healthy and delicious meals and active outings. Expect to enjoy an energizing breakfast after a comfortable night’s rest, followed by a light workout. Then, after lunch, we head out for a fun, active tour that may include walking, hiking, or even paddle boarding. All activities are at your own pace and everything is optional. In essence, you design your own Fitcation!

You’ll enjoy delicious, healthy meals, active excursions, exercise, and time to relax.

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June 13-18, 2023
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September 10-17, 2023
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Why A Fitness Vacation?

When you book a fitness vacation, every day of your whole trip is planned to help you stay on track with your fitness goals and prevent you from straying too far off your fitness path. In addition, you’ll meet people just like you, stay motivated, enjoy new experiences, and discover new passions with new people!

Destination Fitcations is a community as close-knit as home and as far-reaching as the destinations we visit. We create in-person gatherings with international flair, combining cultural exposure with athletic exploration for a sensory experience.

When you integrate food, fun, and fitness into a shared international voyage, it turns new friends into family! And you’ll be with a group of like-minded people focused on vacation relaxation while staying healthy.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and into…community.

Destination Fitcations.

Where the adventure lives up to the anticipation.

About Your Fitcation Guide

Gabi (Gabrielle Mazar) is a well-traveled personal trainer, inspired to create a community of people with a passion for life.



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