The Truth About Pregnancy & Fitness

Mar 20, 2019

To all the mother’s out there, you can relate to this! To all the father’s, you need to hear this. This episode dives into fitness and pregnancy, what you think it is and what the reality of it is.

Sierra grew up a competitive gymnast and spent many years in Michigan and Colorado as a gymnastic instructor before moving to Phoenix, AZ. Her extensive knowledge of fitness comes from her education as a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and Z-Health Performance Solutions; a brain based approach to fitness, specializing in pain management and remobilization.

In November of 2017, Sierra gave birth to a baby girl and has since been focused on helping other moms on their postpartum journey as she continues her own. Now Sierra is pregnant with her second baby (CONGRATULATIONS!) but this one is much different than the last. Being a fitness fanatic, trainer, and competitor, Sierra thought that it would be easy to get back into her fitness routine. It has not been anything she thought. I love her honesty and candidness in this episode.

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